Fellowship publication

Congratulation to GFBR fellow Derrick Aarons on the publication of his paper ‘Research in epidemic and emergency situations: A model for collaboration and expediting ethics review in two Caribbean countries’ in Developing World Bioethics.

Derrick was awarded his fellowship after the 2015 GFBR meeting on ‘emerging epidemic infections and experimental medical treatments’. His project involved a literature search and interviews with ministry of health officials, public health practitioners, and research ethics committee (REC) members in Jamaica and St. Lucia. The interviewees offered suggestions for the best model for efficient coordination and communication between RECs, and these ideas informed the development of a template for expediting review of research protocols in epidemic and emergency conditions. Derrick presented his findings at the Oxford Global Health and Bioethics International Conference in July.

This is the first publication arising from the fellowship scheme and we look forward to many more as other GFBR fellows complete their work. As outputs arise these will be added to the fellowships page, which also contains details of the funding scheme.